The practice offers a wide range of services which you can read about below

Ambulatory BP

Ambulatory BP

Carers Support

It is important that we know if you are a carer so that we can make sure you receive information, services and the help that is available.

  • Do you look after someone who is sick, disabled or elderly/frail?
  • Would they struggle to live in their home without your help?
  • Are they a parent, child, partner, relative, friend or neighbour?
  • Are you – or is someone you know – providing much-needed care for a loved one?
  • Are you unpaid and acting voluntarily?
  • Are you juggling work alongside your caring role?

If so, you are a carer and we would like to support you.

We can provide you with up to date information on available support to make things easier.
We can put you in touch with the Reading & West Berkshire Carers Hub who support carers on a day to day basis in a huge variety of ways, personal to your circumstances.
As a carer you will be invited for an annual flu vaccination at the surgery.
As a carer your health and well being is very important and you will be invited for a health check (if you haven’t had one in the last five years).

Carer's Registration form

Local carer support

Visit Carers UK

Family Planning Clinic

The surgery offers a full family planning service during routine surgery. Pill checks, coil, contraceptive implants, diaphragm and cap fitting can be arranged through your doctor or family planning nurse. Emergency contraception can be obtained by seeing a doctor or the nurse practitioner.



Medical Examinations

We offer private driving medicals for HGVs, LGVs and the DVLA. We also offer fostering medicals and adoption medicals. These examinations are subjected to a fee, please enquire at reception for the costing.

Minor Surgery

The doctors undertake some minor surgical procedures. Please discuss any problems with one of the doctors.

Musculoskeletal Specialist First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) Services

This is an assessment and advise service for those people registered with Burdwood Surgery who have a musculoskeletal problem such as:

  • Back or neck pain- radiating arm and leg pain in absence of recent change in bowel, bladder and sexual function (Cauda Equina Syndrome).
  • Sprains or strains- ankle and shoulder sprain, wrist sprain etc
  • Sports injuries- hamstring, quadriceps, Achilles tendon or knee ligament injury
  • Joint or muscle pain- shoulder, knee, hip, ankle, elbow, wrist
  • Women’s Health Musculoskeletal conditions like – Pelvic girdle pain, Diastasis recti, Pregnancy related back pain

Find information about Musculoskeletal Specialist First Contact Physiotherapy (FCP) Services

NHS Health Checks

NHS Health Checks


At the Burdwood Surgery, we offer a wide range of vaccinations for those eligible. Please see some of the vaccinations we can adminster below: