Our clinical team includes Doctors, Paramedics, Pharmacist, Mental Health Practitioner. Our Treatment Room Team consists of Practice Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and Phlebotomists. We are also a training practice so we host trainee GPs called GP Registrars. 

We have a visiting midwife from Basingstoke North Hampshire Hospital who runs a clinic once a week, on Wednesday. Occasionally, we have a midwifery student attached. Royal Berkshire Hospital midwives are now based at the Central Family Hub in Thatcham.

Health Visitors continue to monior children under school age, their clinicas are held at the Central Family Hub in Thatcham.

If you would like to know which days our GPs are working, please visit the following link:


Dr Bal Bahia Dr Bal Bahia GP Partner Dr Pete Osborne Dr Pete Osborne GP Partner Dr Natalie Colborne Dr Natalie Colborne GP Partner Dr Nick Parkinson Dr Nick Parkinson General Practitioner (GP) Dr Joanne Rutter Dr Joanne Rutter General Practitioner (GP) Dr Zubair Idris Dr Zubair Idris General Practitioner (GP) Dr Sarah Nash Dr Sarah Nash General Practitioner (GP) Dr Emily Johnson Dr Emily Johnson General Practitioner (GP) Dr Shilpa McQuillan Dr Shilpa McQuillan General Practitioner (GP) Dr Darshini Patel Dr Darshini Patel GP Registrar Dr Laura Babb Dr Laura Babb GP Registrar Dan Haines Dan Haines Paramedic Practitioner Craig Gulliver Craig Gulliver Paramedic Practitioner Marta Radkowska Marta Radkowska Clinical Pharmacist