Diabetes Annual Review: for patients injecting insulin

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Blood Glucose Monitoring

To optimise your diabetes annual review follow-up, please complete your blood glucose diary in the 1 week prior to your appointment. If you do not already have a pre-printed diary, please ask for one during your initial review.  

Please measure and record your blood glucose levels at least 4x a day, pre-meal and pre-bed.


Example diary

Date 01/04/2023 Before Breakfast 9.5 Before lunch 5.2 Before Dinner 7.8 Before Bed 12.0
Date 02/04/2023 Before Breakfast 10.1 Before lunch 8.0 Before Dinner 6.0 Before Bed 4.9

If you are unable to do this, please rearrange your follow-up review to ensure it is as effective as possible.


Continuous Glucose Monitoring

If you have a continuous glucose monitor and are not already sharing data with Burdwood Surgery, you can link your data to us using the following information

FreeStyle Libre - Practice ID: burdwoodsurgery

Dexcom - Sharing Code: burdwoodsurgery