Access to Records

Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), patients have a right to a copy of their medical records, generally without charge.

If you require an electronic version of your medicals records to be accessed via an online services provider, i.e. Patient Access, My GP app or NHS App, then please complete our Application for Access to Medical Records (for online services only)

If you require a paper copy of your notes, or a copy you are able to share with a third party, please complete our Subject Access Request form which is linked below.

We do ask for patients to only request a copy of their notes for the required timeframe, i.e. last 2 years. However, if you need a full copy of your records then we can provide this. Please write on the form what timeframe you need.

Please note that we require 28 days’ notice to complete this request so we ask that you please request the copy of notes in plenty of time.

Please read the information leaflet linked below for more information.

Thank you for your understanding.

Subject Access Requests (SARs)