Test Results

Test results are only available after 1pm. Please phone us on 01635 868006 and select option 2 to speak to someone about your results.

Please wait 2 weeks from the date of your test before phoning for your results as all your results may not be available unless your clinician has advised otherwise.

Our receptionists are not clinically trained and so cannot give any further information about your results. It is our usual procedure to contact patients if their results are abnormal. This is done by a clinician and usually via text or letters, if we do not have a mobile number on record for you.


Blood Tests at Burdwood Surgery

The Practice holds Phlebotomy clinics (blood taking) every day, morning and afternoon. Please phone the surgery on 01635 868006 to book an appointment or book online via Online Services.

Blood tests requested by Basingstoke Hospital can only be taken on Thursdays. When booking your appointment, please specify that you need the blood test appointment on a Thursday because it is for Basingstoke hospital.


Blood Tests at West Berkshire Community Hospital

You can also have your blood test at the West Berkshire Hospital – the unit is open Monday to Friday 08.30-15.30. Please note that different types of blood tests are taken at certain times. Telephone 01635 273343 or visit West Berkshire Community Hospital to book an appointment.

You can also book online for a blood test at WBCH. You will have to register to book online, and you will need your NHS numberto hand. You can find your NHS number on the blood test form which you will need to take with you to your appointment. Alternatively, you can also find it on a prescription from, if you have one.



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