GP Online Services Registration

Please use the My GP app to apply for GP online services, if possible. This is because it verifies your account online without you needing to come into the surgery with two forms of ID.

If you register for our online services using this form you will need to complete it and then visit the practice, bringing with you two forms of identification. One of these items should include your photograph.

We will then issue you a username and password.

Once you are registered you will be able to use the service to:

  • Order your repeat prescriptions
  • Make an appointment
  • Cancel an appointment
  • View your medical record

Once you have submitted the form you may wish to complete the following steps in our registration process:

Register for the Patient Participation Group

GP Online Services

GP Online Services

Please use this date format: DD/MM/YYYY.

GP Online Services

GP online services gives you, the patient, the option to book appointments, request repeat prescriptions and view part of your GP medical records online, rather than having to phone or visit the surgery. It is quick, easy and secure.

You will be emailed your login details, so you will need to think of a username and password which is unique to you. This will ensure that only you are able to access your record. It will be your responsibility to keep your login details and password safe and secure.

Vision Online does not provide you with complete access to all your medical records and history.

Electronic Prescription Service

We encourage our patients to use the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). This means that your prescriptions will go directly to a pharmacy of your choice. Using EPS means that you no longer have to come to the surgery to pick up your repeat prescriptions, but instead go straight to your nominated pharmacy.

To use the EPS service you will need to advise us of the pharmacy that you would like your prescriptions sent to, this is called nomination. If you change your mind at any time, you can nominate another pharmacy or revert to collecting paper prescriptions.

Complete the application by simply choosing one pharmacy for us to send your electronic prescriptions to on the attached form. Please note: This is where we will send all your repeat requests to – unless you specify otherwise.

Patient Consent Form for Detailed Coded Record Access

You can now view your GP medical record online to look at test results, details of consultations and your medical
history, including current and past medication.

If you would like to have secure online access to your records, we need to make sure that you understand what this involves
and that you are happy for us to use the information about you to set up the and operate the service.

The following form will take you through the things you need to think about. By signing the form you will be giving us
your permission to go ahead with setting up the service for you. If you decide not to join, or wish to withdraw, it will
not affect your treatment in any way.

Access is granted at the discretion of the practice. Your request for access may take up to 7-10 working days to process.
You will be informed if access cannot be granted.

Other Considerations

The practice makes every effort to record information as accurately as possible, however there may be information that you do not feel is correct.
By signing this form you will be giving us your permission to go ahead with setting up the service for you. If you decide not to join, or wish to withdraw, it will not affect your treatment in any way.

Terms and Conditions

I understand that It is my responsibility to keep my account secure by keeping my details confidential I understand that I can terminate my account at any time by contacting the surgery, or change my log in details by re-registering and that this form will be kept on my electronic records I understand that my registration will be revoked if I constantly miss or cancel appointments.

Office Use Only